Our homes protect us. However, sometimes the risk or potential harm is lurking inside our homes. If you find that you have mould growing in your home, it is best to receive professional mould remediation and removal promptly. Calgary homeowners can rely on Sealtech Restorations for mould removal solutions. 

 Mould is invited into your home when there is excess moisture that is not able to fully dry or left unattended or undiscovered for long periods of time. There are different kinds of mould, and the most alarming is toxic black mould as it poses serious health risks. However, not all types of mould are toxic but mould remediation should occur promptly after noticing a problem in order to stop it in its tracks and prevent further growth and health risks. 

 Whether you experience a flood, notice excess moisture due to improper ventilation, or see visible mould growing, the situation should be taken seriously. Mould is commonly found in attics, bathrooms, basements, kitchens, drywall, and carpet. Anywhere there is a water fixture or possible water leak could be susceptible to mould growth. Sealtech Restorations can provide mould removal of toxic, harmful mould and mould remediation to help return the mould levels in your home to normal levels. 


It may be unpleasant to think about, but there are many, many strands of mould types in the world. Mould can be found almost anywhere. While the notoriously deadly strand of black mould is the most commonly feared mould, there is evidence that all moulds can cause illness. The effects of these hundreds of thousands of mould strands are still being studied, but all moulds can cause symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, rashes, asthma irritations, and allergic reactions.

While mould poses a serious threat to our homes and must be removed by professionals, there are ways to prevent your home from mould infestations. Some mould prevention tips are:

  • Run the exhaust fan or open a bathroom window when showering or bathing to vent the area.
  • Check the moisture levels in your home with a hygrometer.
  • Promptly assess the damage of leaks or burst pipes in your home and ensure complete dryness following the incident.
  • Clean up small amounts of mould on windowsills, walls, tiles, or other hard surfaces with proper cleansers and check back for spreading.

If mould is discovered in your home, it should be treated immediately. Waiting to hire professionals for extensive mould remediation and removal services in Calgary could allow the mould to spread or become worse. Attempting to remove mould yourself could result in an improper mould removal. If not removed completely by professionals, mould could come back and spread.

Attack your mould as soon as possible with mould remediation and removal services from Calgary’s Sealtech Restorations.