Once thought to be a “miracle mineral” because of its natural resistancy to heat, fire, and many other chemicals, asbestos was widely used in various building applications the world over before it was discovered that it causes mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Since that discovery, many countries have sought to ban asbestos. Asbestos contamination is harmful for people, animals, and the environment and is not visible to the naked eye. It requires professional testing in a laboratory to determine whether or not asbestos is present in/on a material. If you suspect you have asbestos contamination in Calgary or a surrounding area, leave the professional testing up to the experts at Sealtech Restorations. We’ve been helping keep our environment safe since 1979. 


There are several types of asbestos exposure that can lead to serious health issues. Primarily, there’s occupational asbestos exposure. This is the result of many blue-collar workers coming into direct contact with asbestos contamination on their worksites (shipyards, power plants, construction sites, old buildings, etc.) if they were built prior to the 1990s. Old buildings that used asbestos in their insulation or plumbing can become a serious health hazard when that asbestos is disturbed or removed during a renovation or demolition project.

Secondary asbestos exposure includes those who are affected/exposed because they’re close to someone who was directly contaminated, i.e. the spouses and families of those aforementioned blue-collar workers. Environmental asbestos exposure also occurs in areas that have naturally occurring asbestos deposits where nearby people and animals are exposed to the asbestos fibres in their air and water.


Despite its unique properties that made it such a durable building material once upon a time, there are actually many effective alternatives for asbestos that are being widely used and accepted today. Polyurethane foams are water-based, meaning they don’t allow enough space for dust or mould to form, which makes them extremely effective for allergy sufferers.

Flour and thermoset plastic flours are becoming more commonly used as the fillers for cracks and crevices to help provide a natural insulation that doesn’t pose any harmful hazards to the environment. One of the most popular alternatives to asbestos is cellulose fibre, which is generally made from finely shredded newsprint that’s been chemically treated to make it more fire-resistant. Many industries have also begun to use amorphous silica fabrics for insulation because of their unusual resistance to high temperatures.


If you suspect there’s a chance you may be exposed to asbestos contamination in the Calgary area, consult the experts at Sealtech Restorations. It’s never a good idea to begin a remodeling or demolition project unless you are absolutely certain that you won’t disturb any concealed amounts of asbestos on the property. It’s imperative that you entrust qualified professionals to remove the asbestos prior to beginning your project, for your safety and for the safety of all those around you. Contact Sealtech Restorations today to request a free estimate and obtain peace of mind that you’re not being exposed to asbestos contamination. 


Check out this asbestos removal guide provided by asbestos.com. This removal guide includes helpful information on the best practices for removal including information on why hiring a professional is the best option. Help protect your family and home and get all the facts you can on the removal process. 


Sealtech Restorations can take care of removing asbestos from your home or business.


You should never attempt to remove asbestos yourself – rely on the experts at Sealtech.