So, you think you’ve identified asbestos contamination in your home or business. That means the structure may not be safe for occupancy or renovation. Rely on Calgary’s experts in asbestos removal to safely and effectively remove the asbestos before it causes irreparable harm to you and your family or employees. Before you start renovating or demolishing a structure built before 1990, you should have a hazardous materials survey conducted by a qualified environmental company.

After all, no one wants to go through all the trouble of asbestos removal if there really isn’t any asbestos present. Just because a building was built before 1990 doesn’t automatically mean there’s asbestos lurking behind its walls, waiting for you to breathe it in. Conversely, there could also be asbestos present in a newer structure (although it’s unlikely since the harmful effects of asbestos were first revealed in the 1970s and 1980s).

The representative from the environmental company will collect samples for professional analysis in a qualified laboratory setting to determine whether or not asbestos is present in the building materials. Once the report establishes the presence of asbestos that must be removed, it’s up to you to entrust a professional asbestos abatement company such as Sealtech Restorations to contain and remove the asbestos and any other hazardous materials identified in the report.


Asbestos may be found in your home’s siding, roofing, walls, textured paint, ceilings, flooring, plumbing, and even your insulation. If the sample material isn’t found to be flaking or damaged, the structure is deemed safe as long as the asbestos remains enclosed. However, if you do require asbestos removal, the affected area is usually sealed off with industrial-grade plastic to keep people and animals out and the harmful asbestos fibres in. Large fans with special HEPA filters are then set up to ensure no cross-contamination occurs to other rooms within the structure. Then our abatement experts will come in and tear out anything that contains the asbestos, carefully sealing the bags and transporting them to an accepted asbestos landfill, while the rest of the affected area is thoroughly vacuumed, wiped, and cleaned to ensure all traces of the harmful asbestos fibres are gone.


Asbestos removal is a very detailed process that must be handled with extreme care. If your home or business has been identified as “high risk” for asbestos contamination, you’ll need to obtain a final air clearance once the asbestos removal work is actually done to ensure the work was completed properly and the structure is deemed safe for re-occupancy. Should you require asbestos removal in Calgary or surrounding areas, feel free to call Sealtech Restorations for a free quote. While there are dozens of qualified asbestos abatement experts on the market all vying for your removal bid, we’ve got years of significant experience in the asbestos abatement industry to our credit for your continued safety and peace of mind. We possess all of the proper equipment and follow all procedures set forth by Alberta’s regulations for the safe removal and disposal of harmful asbestos.


Find out what types of asbestos contamination there are and what you can do to prevent it.


You should never attempt to remove asbestos yourself – rely on the experts at Sealtech.